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Job Title: PHP Software Engineer

Job Description : The core mission of the Senior PHP Software Engineer is to build a scalable, Software as a Service application using object oriented programming in PHP. The engineer must be accountable and responsible to the team and always uphold high standards. The whole team is accountable for building quality software, thus the software must be developed using Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development to uncover requirements and catch/fix bug early in the development process. Lastly, the position requires continuous learning. The engineer must be motivated and eager to learn new skills, and become a Software Craftsman.

Skills & Experience :

  • Team player that can thrive within a team, but also work independently when required
  • 1 - 4 years of experience as a Software Engineer
  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as: CakePHP, CodeIgniter or Symfony
  • Experience using TDD with PHPUnit or BDD with Behat/PHPSpec
  • 1 - 3 years of experience working in an Agile environment
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to understand requirements and translate them into a domain. Then translating that domain to design working software.
  • Find and follow software design patterns when appropriate
  • Comfortable with pairing with other developers and/or QA team members
  • Comfortable using SQL and designing Normalized Relational Database Schemas
  • Experience using Version Control Systems such as GIT, SVN, Mercurial or similar
Key ResponsibilitiesMetric
Develop new features, fix bugs, refactor where neededPoints completed per sprint per developer
Ownership of accepted tasks and completing them on time (Meaning: if blocked or having difficulties with a task, ask for help and update estimates)Points completed within estimates and outside estimates per sprint
Participate in the sprint planning meetings to make estimates for feature development, ask questions and suggest improvements.Level of participation in the meetings
Participate in show and tells and present the work that was completedTeam level metric of points completed per sprint
Pair with QA to find edge scenarios (or missing scenarios) and convert them into test cases and steps for a particular feature or bug fixNumber of correctly built features per sprint
Co-ordinate with the Project Manager and QA to prioritize and fix bug. Write unit tests to re-create bugs, and then fix those bugsTotal time from initial bug report to patching production
Write TDD and BDD Tests as features are being developed. (Only count a feature or bug fix complete if all automated tests pass.)
Pairing with QA to ensure proper regression testing of existing functionality
Participating in the standup meetings and providing the status updates
Recommend alternate methods and/or improvements to our development process and developer operations during retrospective meetings.
Participate in training classes provided when specific skills are required
Prepare a “Lunch and Learn” presentation once every 6 months on any technology topic you are interested in and present it to the whole office.

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